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The show has become firmly established as the UK's largest public shooting show.  Now entering its 8th year it attracts visitors worldwide.

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The show is a manufacturers platform enabling the introduction of new products to an always eager public.  Supporting the manufacturers are the industry's finest distributors and retailers, enabling the public to purchase products on the day.


About The Show

The Great British Shooting Show is Great! by Westley Richards

Congratulations to John Allison and his team for putting on a superb event ‘The Great British Shooting Show’ at Stoneleigh Park International Centre this weekend. I think it fair to say that there was ‘something for everyone’ at the exhibition, from best guns to air guns and everything in-between. I am sure that under John’s enthusiastic management this show will just grow and grow, becoming the ‘must attend’ show for anyone interested in the shooting sport in all its various forms.

Having just returned from exhibiting at three shows in USA during January and early Feb, I was personally in no mood for yet another show. With show burn out and jet lag I was ready to find fault and finding faults is something I believe I’m quite good at! The drive into the show was easy, the parking was easy, the entry was easy, the halls were spacious, carpeted and warm, there was food and drink, places to sit and rest and most importantly for all, there were people, lots of people.

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Westley Richards

Our Mission

To promote the UK shooting industry by bringing the best it has to offer to one place for everyone to see and enjoy.

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Our Values

To support innovation by the manufacturers, along with bringing new people into shooting. 

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Our Solution

To provide a platform to support innovation and show it off to the shooting community and for the shooting community to get together to meet and share.

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