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  • Westley Richards

    Westley Richards & Co. has been making unique and especially good shotguns and rifles for over 200 years.
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  • Boss & Co

    Boss & Co. have produced guns of the highest quality for over 200 years. Today, our guns are still built in London.
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  • Schmidt & Bender

    Schmidt & Bender. Founder & Forerunner. Hunting & Fascination. Quality & Precision. Tradition & Innovation.
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  • Swarovski Optik

    Swarovski Optik regards tradition, origin, quality awareness, entrepreneurial boldness, innovativeness....
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  • Blaser

    Hunting may be one of the oldest aspirations of mankind, but we always have to prepare for new challenges.
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  • Browning

    No matter whether you are a hunter or a target-shooter, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for the model that really suits you.
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  • Longthorne Gunmakers

    We are a 100% English owned family company and we manufacture every part of our guns in house and tailored to our Clients requirements
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  • Eley

    Eley Hawk game cartridges are at the heart of British game shooting, providing consistent performance a gun can always rely on.
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Shooting Show Exhibitors

National Gamekeepers Organisation

icon_logo_National Gamekeepers Organisation

Welcome to The National Gamekeepers' Organisation. We represent the gamekeepers of England and Wales. We defend and promote gamekeeping, help gamekeepers and ensure high standards throughout the profession.

Night Master

icon_logo_Night Master

The Night Master 800 is a new type of lamping light that outperforms most other hunting lights. It has been designed to throw a beam up to 800m, allowing you to spot, identify and shoot your quarry safely - making it one of the best lamps for lone foxers.

Night Vision Gear UK


Genesys and Armasight Night Vision - Night Vision Scopes, Night Vision Weapon Sights, Night Vision Binoculars and Night Vision Goggles - Night Vision Gear UK - Armasight UK Master Distributors, and home of Genesys Night Vision Systems.

Nite Site

icon_logo_Nitesite Ltd
Stamford Bridge

At NiteSite™ we design and manufacture patented night vision products for hunting, security, and zero light observation. We utilise infrared in a unique way to make our products more affordable, reliable and user friendly than traditional light amplification technologies. Our products deliver crisp, ultra-clear night vision, regardless of ambient light conditions.

Nomad UK

icon_logo_Nomad UK

Nomad UK clothing, light, long-lasting and high performance proves itself to be not only GREAT VALUE for MONEY but also superb investment in tough Recession times with deceivingly strong gossamer weight ‘EXPLORER’ Chest wader Jackets lasting over 14 years and ‘STEALTH’ fleeces seeing thousands of days on the ‘hill’...practical, dependable and costing pennies per day, they stand alone.  

Norman Clark Gunsmiths

icon_logo_Norman Clark

I left school in 1977 and was fortunate enough to get a job as a trainee gunsmith in the Birmingham gun trade. Working at a well established gun making company, I was surrounded by a vast amount of knowledge and skill from ex W.W.Greener and Webley & Scott gunsmiths. This is where I began to develop my skills.

Northridge Adventures

07979 691989

At North Ridge Adventure we foster a spirit of adventure and discovery, working mainly with individuals and small groups.

Nova Scotia Farm Produce

icon_logo_Nova Scotia Farm Produce

Nova Scotia Farm, Thorner, North east of Leeds is situated on the cusp of the Pennines and the Vale of York . The under laying magnesium limestone was left by a glacial drift. This formed the Vale and makes the land very free draining. Indeed the same bedrock stone extends through and beyond York , in between the two is Tadcaster. 

What Current Exhibitors Say

  • Dear John, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff that took over the British Shooting Show. It was the best show ever for my company"Balindore" and the way you have set the halls up, were a very big credit to you. I personally think that the way you are running this show, this will become on the world circuit Britian's number one shooting show. Credit to you and your team, bring on 2016 and my company would like to book for that.

    Craig MacNiven - Balindore Gunboxes
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